Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Ethiopian is Ethiopia

I came to realize that there can be a nation in each person. This may be true for all Ethiopians. I want you to look at the following "firts principle" conjuctures, deductions and conclusions.

There exists a Universal Goodwill expressed as love for the nation of Ethiopia and fellow Ethiopians. Therefore, the Ethiopian national shall motivate self for higher order organization based on Universal Citizenship for the betterment of the human condition. Therefore this Universal Goodwill does not require special rules such as bylaws. Therefore the nation is constituted by one or more free Ethiopians. Therefore the Ethiopian is the nation.

Inspiration: Traditional greeting is always precceded by "Thanks to God", followed by "Hageru Dehina naw ?" Or is the Nationa OK ?

The bedrock for the foundation of Ethiopian knowledge is based on two pillars of knowlege: 1) Fear of God or Feriha Egiziabher and 2) Ethiopia, the mother of all nations.

Therefore when the greeting includes iquiry about the health of the nation of Ethiopia, the inquiry is about the mother of all nations. It also means the inquiry is about the Ethiopian national, who is the nation.

What do you think ?

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